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Photos taken by Mr. Wazen from Maasser Beit Eddine living in France:



Email on 22.05.2005: Hello
I was wandering on the internet and while I was searching picture of beit eddine I discovered this great website of yours!! I'm from the WAZEN family. I live in France and masser beit eddine is a town that I love so much. I'm sending you some pictures that I took while I was on vacation :)

Maasser.info: Thank you for the Photos. We published them, and we would like to recieve more photos from any lebanese was in Maasser or any Person living now in Maasser. We have many photos from Maasser but we should only change the Format and publish them. I hope we can do that soon. Some of the Photos are allready published under this adress: http://www.lebanon.at/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=12


Do you have some wonderfull Fotos from Maasser. Send them per Email. info****@****maasser***.info (delete the *** please to get the right Email)